Wear green and celebrate 4-H this November!

Show Your 4-H Colours

Show Your 4-H Colours is the annual celebration of 4-H across Canada!

Every November, 4-H members, leaders, alumni, and supporters wear their 4-H green and come together to spread awareness of 4-H and support the positive impacts the 4-H program is making in Canada and abroad.

How you can celebrate with us

Countdown to Show Your 4-H Colours Day

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Join thousands of youth, volunteers, alumni, and supporters from coast to coast for Show Your 4-H Colours Day as they wear their favourite green to celebrate 4-H!

Show Your 4-H Colours Day is your opportunity to show why you’re proud to support 4-H.

November 3

Support 4-H when you purchase a fundraising t-shirt

$4 from each shirt sold supports provincial 4-H organizations and provides meaningful opportunities to youth across Canada.

It's perfect to wear on Nov. 3 for Show Your 4-H Colours Day! 

Take advantage of free shipping and purchase t-shirts for yourself, your family and friends, your 4-H club, or your organization.

TELUS Spark, Calgary, AB - Courtesy of TELUS Spark
TELUS Spark, Calgary, AB - Courtesy of TELUS Spark

Visit a landmark lighting in green on November 3

4-H is lighting the country in green as Canadian landmarks show their support for 4-H by turning their lights to green on the evenings of November 3.

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