Wear green and celebrate 4-H this November!

Show Your 4-H Colours is the annual celebration of 4-H across Canada!

Every November, 4-H members, leaders, alumni, and supporters wear their 4-H green and come together to spread awareness of 4-H and support the positive impacts the 4-H program is making in Canada and abroad.

How you can celebrate with us

Countdown to Show Your 4-H Colours Day

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Join thousands of youth, volunteers, alumni, and supporters from coast to coast for #ShowYour4HColours Day as they wear their favourite green to celebrate 4-H!

Show Your 4-H Colours Day is your opportunity to show why you’re proud to support 4-H.

November 3

Support 4-H when you purchase a fundraising t-shirt

$4 from each shirt sold supports provincial 4-H organizations and provides meaningful opportunities to youth across Canada.

It's perfect to wear on Nov. 3 for Show Your 4-H Colours Day! 

Take advantage of free shipping and purchase t-shirts for yourself, your family and friends, your 4-H club, or your organization.

TELUS Spark, Calgary, AB - Courtesy of TELUS Spark
TELUS Spark, Calgary, AB - Courtesy of TELUS Spark

Visit a landmark lighting in green on November 3

4-H is lighting the country in green as Canadian landmarks show their support for 4-H by turning their lights to green on the evenings of November 3.

Spread the word about Show Your 4-H Colours

Let others know that you're celebrating this November and encourage them to join! Download social media starters, posters to hang in our school or workplace, and more.

Give back to 4-H

Continue the momentum and support 4-H's work to provide impactful programming to youth in your community. 


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